Stephan Davidek Retrospective

This is all the work of one man, Stefan Davidek.
To add another piece of art to the collection contained in the 2,400 square feet of this exhibit would require a figurative shoe horn, putting viewers on their knees to see the works fitted in the few inches of space along the floor.

As it is, this retrospective is wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. It chronicles the work of a talented native son, a Flintstone of the art world. Born in Flint in 1924, Davidek began taking art classes at age 7 or 8. His aunt Mary would take the boy by streetcar to a studio in the upstairs space over Reo Samon’s garage attached to the Samon Building where the Flint Institute of Art was housed in the early 1930s. “It was magic,” he would later tell an interviewer. One could say it began there, a passion of drawing, painting, and silkscreen. Davidek raised his family by painting, though in his case it was in producing decorative painting on interior walls in homes, churches, and area businesses. That was the continuation of a heritage that began generations ago in the Davidek family in Europe and one that continues to this day with family members carrying on the business.

Read more about Buckham’s October ’17 Exhibit, showcasing the lifelong work of iconic Flint artist Stehan Davidek, in Bruce Edward’s Flintside article:

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