Downtown Flint’s Yoga Loft Moving Back to Buckham Gallery

March 21, 2015-

FLINT, MI — The Yoga Loft will move back to a familiar home after this week.

It was seven years ago when owner Lois Schneider started her yoga business at the Buckham Gallery, giving her a start when downtown looked a little different.

“They let me come in there and share the space from 2008 to 2010,” she said. “It was a great partnering.”

But in 2010, Schneider teamed up with her daughter for the company and more space was needed as her daughter began teaching Zumba and kickboxing. The two teaming up prompted a move to the Wade Trim Building.

However, this year her daughter has started working at Genesys, meaning the focus on the company will be more on yoga and Schneider didn’t need the space she has at the current space.

Schneider said it will be tough to leave behind the Wade Trim location, which she compared to the “Boardwalk” Monopoly property of downtown Flint.

“Everything has happened around us,” she said. “It’s just been a really nice view of the revitalization of Flint.”

While Sunday, March 22, is her last day at the Wade Trim Building, she’s opening up Monday, March 23, at Buckham Gallery with various schedules of classes available at

“I like it down here,” she said of downtown Flint. “I like to see what’s happening.”

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